Educational Opportunity

Nita is determined to give every young American a chance to succeed and will fight to ensure that our nation has the most talented and educated workforce. That means investment in math and science education, as well as access to college and skills training that prepare them to compete in the global economy.

Access to College:  Nita fought successfully to make college more affordable by increasing Pell Grants, cracking down on needless and wasteful subsidies to loan providers, and providing tax credits to students and parents for college tuition.  Now Nita is working to protect students from outrageous interest rate increases

A New GI Bill:  Nita worked to pass a New GI Bill that provides the children of America‚Äôs fallen soldiers with full and free access to college.

After-School Enrichment:  Nita has been the chief advocate in Congress for After-School education, which provides academic enrichment to help youngsters succeed in the classroom, together with peace of mind for working parents.