Security & Public Safety

Providing public safety is government’s first responsibility.  Whether defending against the threat of international terrorism, preparing for natural disasters, or cracking down on violent crime, Nita is determined to keep our communities safe and secure.

Preventing Hate Crimes:  Nita backed legislation to give local prosecutors and Police departments the tools to confront crimes of bias and uphold standards of fairness and equality under the law.

Standing With Our Police:  Nita fought for grants to help hire 50,000 new Police officers over five years and extend historic advances in crime control and prevention.  And Nita supports common-sense gun safety rules, backed by police professionals, to help keep our streets and neighborhoods safe.

Enhancing Homeland Security:  Nita has been a forceful advocate for improved homeland security.  She has worked to harden potential targets such as border-crossings, ports, water distribution centers, and chemical facilities.  She has secured funding to enhance the security of our transportation systems.  And she has fought to help local First Responders prevent and react to terrorist attacks.

Continuing a Strong Violence Against Women Act:  Nita was instrumental in passing the original Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which had strong bipartisan support, to protect victims of domestic violence and their children and punish offenders and she successfully fought to pass a new VAWA that extends protections to many minorities and same–sex partners, because every woman deserves protection from domestic violence.

Recovering From Disasters: When Hurricane Sandy hit our district, Nita led the fight in Congress to ensure New York got its fair share of relief funding, and she pushed FEMA to work closely with local governments and homeowners to speed the recovery efforts. During her time in Congress she has brought millions of dollars back to her district for flood remediation and other projects to limit damage from natural disasters, projects which also put local residents to work.

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