Quality, Affordable Health Care

Quality, affordable health care is a critical priority for all Americans, just as cutting healthcare costs is essential for businesses, taxpayers, and our nation’s long-term fiscal health. Nita backed landmark reforms that ended insurance company abuses, helped millions of previously uninsured Americans obtain health coverage, and brought the rate of healthcare cost inflation to its lowest level in decades. We must keep these reforms and make improvements to help New York families, such as expanding tax credits to help high cost of living areas like the Lower Hudson Valley.

Ending Insurance Abuses: The reforms Nita supported have ended abuses in the insurance system, stopped the denial of coverage for preexisting conditions, put the brakes on excessive premium increases, and put patients and doctors back in charge of their own care.

Expanding Access to Care: Young adults up to age 26 can now remain on their parents’ insurance, thanks to reforms supported by Nita that also provide direct assistance to individuals, families and business that couldn’t otherwise afford insurance.

Providing Quality Care for Veterans: Because Nita is committed to honoring America’s solemn obligation to our veterans, she has fought for steady increases in funding for veterans’ medical care and an end to the backlogs for VA medical service. In the wake of reports that VA wait times had been altered, possibly contributing to the deaths of veterans, Lowey called for new, effective leadership at the VA.

Improving Children’s Health & Preventative Care: Nita worked to extend health insurance to four million additional children, ensuring that the next generation of Americans has a good start toward healthy and productive lives. And Nita worked to improve access to preventative care, which improves health and saves money.

Promoting Biomedical Research: Nita has been the chief advocate in Congress for federal investment in pioneering medical research, including treatments for cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Nita strongly opposes short-sighted Republican efforts to cut scientific and medical research, which is a major economic engine in New York.

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