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Economic Growth & Fiscal Responsibility

The Great Recession may be over, but millions of Americans are still struggling to make ends meet. Nita supports a comprehensive strategy for job creation, economic growth and fiscal responsibility. She has stood against irresponsible legislation that would wipe out millions of jobs and stall the national recovery.

Quality, Affordable Health Care

Quality, affordable health care is a critical priority for all Americans, just as cutting health care costs is essential for businesses, taxpayers, and our nation’s long-term fiscal health. Nita backed landmark reforms that ended insurance abuses and are helping tens of millions of people obtain health coverage. She wants to keep what’s right about health care reform and work across party lines to fix what’s wrong.

Environmental Protection & Energy Independence

Energy independence and environmental sustainability go hand in hand.  Nita strongly supports clean energy investments that can spur American industry, address global climate change and reduce our reliance on imported oil.

Security & Public Safety

Providing public safety is government’s first responsibility.  Whether defending against the threat of international terrorism or cracking down on violent crime, Nita is determined to keep our communities safe and secure.

Educational Opportunity

Nita is determined to give every young American a chance to succeed and will fight to ensure that our nation has the most talented and educated workforce. That means investment in math and science education, as well as access to college and skills training that prepare them to compete in the global economy.

Defense & International Affairs

The United States plays an indispensable role in the world.  Nita believes that American global leadership can strengthen the forces of democracy, improve international security, and raise living standards.