Lowey and Local Scientists: Trump Budget's Would Harm Climate and Local Jobs

PALISADES - Rep. Nita Lowey says she is drawing a line in the sand and calling out President Donald Trump on climate change.

Lowey met with scientists Monday at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades to discuss the administration’s proposed budget cuts.

The president's proposed 2018 budget cuts the Environmental Protection Agency's budget by 31 percent, some $2.6 billion.

Lowey joined the scientists following a weekend of protests around the country from people concerned about science, especially climate change.

Robin Bell, of West Nyack, has been a scientist for 35 years and says her job is in jeopardy under the Trump administration.

“Studying our planets is under attack and it's important that if we live on this planet we know how it works,” she says.

Scientists say the fight isn't over and that they will continue to do everything they can to secure their jobs, their livelihood and the environment.

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