Meet Rep. Nita Lowey

Congresswoman Nita M. Lowey is seeking re-election in New York's 17th Congressional District, including Rockland County and most of central and northern Westchester County.  Elected fifteen times by the people of the Hudson Valley, Lowey first joined the United States House of Representatives in 1989.


As the first woman to serve as Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Committee, Lowey is leading the fight to rebuild the middle class and improve our quality of life. She is a leading national proponent for strengthening our economy and creating jobs, improving math and science education for children, providing quality, affordable health care, promoting biomedical research, safeguarding a woman’s right to choose and access to contraception, achieving independence from foreign oil, and protecting the environment.


Among Lowey’s many legislative accomplishments are:

• Helping small businesses grow and create more new permanent jobs through an increase in federal loan limits.

• Passing the Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Act to bolster federal research and combat potential environmental causes of breast cancer.

• Authoring the landmark food allergen labeling law, called by The New York Times “an all too rare example . . . of bipartisan cooperation to serve the public good.”

• Protecting the Public Broadcasting System and the National Endowment for the Arts, including such beloved programming as Sesame Street.

• Creating a Homeland Security office dedicated to improving communications for First Responders.

• Leading the fight for a national DWI standard of .08 to crack down on drinking and driving and improve the safety of our roads.

• Co-Founding the Hudson River Caucus and serving as a Co-Chair of the Long Island Sound Caucus to ensure protection for these vital regional and national resources.

• Obtaining record federal support for battered women’s shelters.

• Expanding after-school education programs, so that they now provide a safe learning environment for nearly 1.8 million children.

• Providing federal protection for veterans memorials.

• Enacting legislation to enhance transparency and accelerate U.S. global basic education initiatives to help ensure more children are educated, a national security imperative.


As the Ranking Member and former Chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Foreign Operations, Lowey plays a vital leadership role in strengthening America's alliances around the world and ensuring that the United States meets the challenge of global leadership. Lowey has been widely credited for her leadership in Congress in support of a strong U.S.-Israel relationship and on the Appropriations Committee as the chief advocate of the annual U.S. aid package to Israel. In the aftermath of September 11th, Lowey was chosen to be a Member of the Select Committee on Homeland Security. She has fought successfully to provide First Responders with resources to confront emergencies, to obtain a fair share of federal homeland security funding for New York State, and to bolster security at critical facilities, including our airports, nuclear plants, and ports.


Lowey has been widely recognized for effective leadership that gets results for her constituents. Congressional Quarterly cited her as one of the 50 most effective members of Congress, while the New York Daily News recognized her as one of “New York’s key Members of Congress,” and Newsday noted that she is “terrific” and that “she delivers for New York.” The New York Times has hailed her “courageous” leadership.  

Lowey was born in the Bronx, graduated from the Bronx High School of Science, and received a Bachelor's Degree from Mount Holyoke College. She served as Assistant Secretary of State for the State of New York before being elected to Congress. Nita and Stephen Lowey, who reside in Harrison, are proud of their three children and eight grandchildren.

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