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Lowey and Purchase College Students Highlight Importance of Contraceptives for Women’s Health

Congresswoman Nita M. Lowey (D-Harrison), the top Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee, joined Planned Parenthood campus activists and students from  Purchase College, SUNY to create a Hobby Lobby scrapbook to highlight the importance of contraceptives for women’s health, and how the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision affects the lives of women everywhere. “Given that Hobby Lobby’s business is arts and crafts, this scrapbook should make it clear why women’s health, particularly contraceptives, is important,” said Lowey. “Women work hard to earn paychecks and health benefits just like every other American. It isn’t right that a woman’s boss can decide to not include medically-recommended health services in her insurance package because of the company’s religious beliefs.”

Nita Lowey: GOP Wastes Time, Fails to Serve the People

Republicans say the president is abusing power. But the real abuse of power is the Republican leadership's abject failure to use our power in Congress to improve the quality of life and economic security of Americans. The time, money and effort wasted on the bill to sue the president could have been devoted instead to helping small businesses, raising the minimum wage, relieving student loan debt, advancing immigration reform and protecting communities from gun violence.

Rep. Lowey Proposes Increased Social Security Credit for Caregivers

Representative Nita Lowey today introduced the Social Security Caregiver Act in the House of Representatives. This bill will make a change by giving a Social Security credit to individuals who have to leave the workforce or reduce their hours in order to care for a loved one with Alzheimers, dementia, or other chronic conditions. Lowey believes that offering these caregivers a modest increase in future Social Security benefits is the right thing to do. 

The bill will especially benefit women, who make up two thirds of unpaid caregivers. Because women average ten fewer years in the workforce, which lowers Social Security benefits, the increase in Social Security benefits Lowey proposes will make for a more economically secure retirement.

Lowey Introduces Bill to Keep Drunk Drivers Off The Road

Congresswoman Nita Lowey joined Mothers Against Drunk Driving National President Jan Withers and Rockland County Sherriff Louis Falco III on a conference call to announce that she will be introducing a bill next week when the House of Representatives reconvenes that would push states to require the use of ignition interlock devices for a minimum of six months for all convicted drunk driving offenders. “In my mind, driving drunk only once is one time too many,” said Lowey. “I am introducing Alisa’s Law to provide law-enforcement officials an additional tool to help keep our communities safe. We have seen successful implementation in some states, including New York, and we have seen partial implementation in others. The time is now to make this the law of the land across the country in order to keep drunk drivers off the streets.”

Lowey Wins Victory For Reproductive Health Equity

The House Appropriations Committee on Tuesday approved by voice vote an amendment that will extend abortion coverage to Peace Corps volunteers who are raped during their service. Rep. Nita Lowey, the sponsor of the amendment, told The Huffington Post last month that it is simply unfair to deny Peace Corps volunteers the same type of health coverage as federal employees, especially since their volunteer work abroad often places them in relatively dangerous situations. No Republicans spoke out against the measure on Tuesday at a committee mark-up of the FY 2015 version of the bill, and the provision passed quickly by a voice vote.


Rep. Lowey: Peace Corps Volunteers Deserve Fairness

All women should be allowed comprehensive reproductive health care coverage. Women taking risks to advance the country’s interests by serving in the Peace Corps should not be treated worse than other federal employees when it comes to insurance coverage.

“It is absolutely unconscionable that female Peace Corps volunteers who are victims of sexual assault, or whose pregnancies endanger their lives, are not afforded the same health care access as virtually all other women with federal health coverage,” Ms. Lowey argues.

Lowey Warns of "Grandma Scam," Other High-Tech Cons Targeting Seniors

Scams targeting seniors are getting more and more sophisticated with thieves preying on the elderly using social media and cell phones to cause panic that a loved in truly in danger. Rep. Nita Lowey, D-Westchester, along with state and county officials were in Rye Brook warning seniors that the scam has evolved. Scammers who used to troll obituaries for family name are now mining the internet and social media. "They can find out all sorts of personal information, so even though a call might sound like an emergency, keep your cool and don't respond," said Lowey.

Lowey Joins Westchester Officials to Combat Heroin Use

Congresswoman Nita Lowey joined local officials in Westchester to announce that she is signing on as a co-sponsor of the Stop Overdose Stat (SOS) Act, a bill to combat heroin overdoses and help stem New York’s heroin epidemic. Lowey joins more than 30 co-spsonors of the SOS Act, which would establish a federal plan to combat drug overdose deaths and disseminate naloxone, or NARCAN, to state and local officials and train them on proper use. Naloxone is a drug commonly used to counteract overdoses from heroin and opioids. Lowey says the heroin problem is especially dire in New York.

Valhalla Med School Gets $1.6 From Federal Government to Develop New Flu Vaccines

Congresswoman Lowey recently announced that New York Medical College of Valhalla has received a $1.6 million contract from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority for research to develop new influenza vaccines. Lowey, who has successfully fought to increase investments in research to save lives and create local jobs, said that the federal investment in vaccine research will "expedite and enlarge flu vaccine production, so that more and better vaccines are available quicker during high demand." "This is a winning formula for strong communities, and I will continue my work in Congress to ensure support for scientific research,” she added.

Lowey Welcomes President and Gov. Cuomo to NY17 in Push for Infrastructure Investments

Congresswoman Lowey welcomed President Obama to Tarrytown Wednesday along with Governor Andrew Cuomo. as they pushed Congress to replenish the Highway Trust Fund, which helps pay for projects like the new Tappan Zee Bridge. Introduced by construction supervisor Chris Horton of Mount Kisco, who is working on the new bridge, Obama thanked Congresswoman Nita Lowey for expediting the federal financing. “The investments in the new Tappan Zee Bridge mean less waiting in bumper-to-bumper traffic, more time spent with our families, and local economic growth,” said Lowey. “The historic TIFIA loan I helped secure to support this new bridge will enable job creation and support our local economy." 


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